Emmanuel Guzman Interview


Klik ind og få råd om frygt, speed wobbles og skak til et soundtrack af Emmanuel Guzmans grandtante.



Hi. How are you feeling right at this very moment?  

I am feeling a bit tired and a little bit hungry at this very moment because I just woke up. I had a good night at my homie Raven's graduation/ mini ramp jam so I'm a tad hung too I guess.   



Guzmans grandtante med et mexicansk hit:


Tell us about the youtube clip. 

My great Aunt Consuelo Velazquez wrote the famous song "Besame Mucho" and  played it on the piano,  she was a classically trained pianist as well. That's her playing in the vid. Besame Mucho means " Kiss me lots" or "Kiss me a lot" , but sounds much more romantic in spanish.  

Do you have a favourite opening move in chess? 

My favorite move is jumping my pawns with my knight. I only learned that move recently. It's tight. 

You played soccer for the U.S. Junior National team, right?  

I played on a US junior olympic team when I was fifteen. We went to Europe and played in the Harlem Coca-Cola cup which consisted of teams from forty different countries, it was an amazing experience.

How come you became a skate pro and not a soccer pro?

I chose skating mainly because I couldn't and didn't want to commit to a team anymore. Skating is good for independent individuals like myself.

Can you use any soccer tricks in skating? 

I can still kick really hard, so that's good I guess! Kick me out and you might get kicked.



Do you have some kind of technique for negating speed wobbles?

Just tighten the trucks, bight my lip, and give it hell!!!!!

Have you ever asked your bros on a skate trip if you all could go fishing for a day?

I don't need to ask, I just go. I do it all the time but not for the whole day.


Is there any kind of terrain that scares you?

I'm still a little intimidated by the mega ramp shit, but not scared.  


What is your philosophy on tackling a slam?

Get back on the fukn horse!!!!


Are you Possessed to Skate?



Emmanuel er ret pjattet med Suicidal Tendencies. 


How is the work/fun ratio for your skating now compared to when you started skating?

There's a sense of duty and obligation now that didn't exist then, but that comes no matter what  job you have in life. I couldn't be happier still doing what I love for a living.

If you could land any trick at any spot in the world – past or present – what should it be?

Any Tom Penny kickflip.

What was the first trick you learned?

The Ollie

What was the last trick you learned?

Switch backside nose blunt.  


Five favourite skaters?

John Cardiel! The truth.

Tom Penny!  The myth and the legend.

Omar Salazar! WAAAOOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!!!

Navarette! It's cooler creepy!

All of my homies! There the shit!  

Can you do pressure flips?

I have but it's been a long time.  

Final words?

Carpe diem!  







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