Dennis Busenitz Interview

Interview med manden, der næsten fik Danni O til at skide i bukserne i Berlin. Vinderen af Tampa Pro 2011. Helten fra den nye Real-video. Dennis Busenitz.

Interview in English 


Hi Dennis, how are you doing?

Excellent. Thanks for asking.  


Who forced you to do this interview?

Nobody. Myself if anybody. Who forced you? If you are not forced then I’m happy, not forced, to answer your questions.  


What do you know about Denmark?

It´s small. They don’t like Germans. Harsh weather and a lot of peace.  


Are you going to retire on Selfish Skateboards?

I don’t think my pee pee is big enough to make it on that team.




You surprised quite a few with your flat ground performance against Chris Cole at Battle of the Berrics 2.  Did you practice before the battle or are you more tech than you care to admit in your video parts?

I skated a lot of flat ground before the game. I'm happy I could surprise people. I wanted to make sure that Cole had to work for it.   



Why did your name your son “Rune”?

It’s a good name. Different but not too weird for Americans to handle. Glifberg is a badass and that helped too.  


Did or do Rune use a pacifier (dummy, soother or whatever)?

No he never did. it just seemed like it would be another thing to have to wean him off of. they don’t look good, especially with five year olds. baby fashion is very important.  


Do you have any other parenting tricks? 

Give your kid a chance to fall on their face. failure is a part of life and the sooner you learn that lesson the better.




If you could experience the eighties through one of the skate pros back then. Who should it be?

Lance Mountain. its seems like he got to experience all of the good stuff without going to jail. throughout it all he kept a level head and by doing so is still able to be a pro 30 years later. 


What´s the ABC on becoming a successful pro?

A. Skateboard.

B. Don’t be a total jerk.

C. Keep skateboarding.  


Are you a successful pro? 





I don’t know why. 


Are you aware of your brand as that guy with the speed and nice lines?

People have the need to categorize everything, and that’s the category people think i fit into. I'd like to think that I can do more than just go fast.   


Have you considered doing the Mega Jump?

Yes, the mini mega.  


Do you plan for your video lines and try them a hundred times or are they as spontaneous as they seem? 

When something is filmed it hardly ever is spontaneous.  I try them a hundred times, sometimes more sometimes less. 




What´s your favorite trick to do?





What would your dream session be like?

One where I’m healthy and where my family is somehow included. also I want foam pits to magically appear whenever I am about to slam.  


Can you tell the story about the time Jake Phelps nearly killed you?

He invited me to drive across Australia with him and his friend Monk. It seemed like a great idea and like a good adventure, and it was. Reckless driving and shoulder less roads are bound for disaster. We went off the road and flipped till we came to a stop 200m later. Thanks to seatbelts we were able to get drunk as soon as the police drove us to the "bottle shop". Since then I look at everyday as a bonus not a given.  


In what line of work would you be, if you weren't a professional skater?

Professional chess.  


Sickest trick ever landed?

Making babies.   


Will you die a bitter man if you don’t win Thrasher SOTY?

Not at all.




Any final words?

There is no free lunch. 

That’s what I wanted to call the Real video."Nothing's free: the free real video"



Thanks to Ronni@finalsupplies, Ramin G. & DLXSF