Renton Millar interview

Renton Millar skater for vildt. Desuden er han fra Australien så jeg håbede han kunne berette historien om hvad der virkelig skete med Ben Pappas. Dertil var han desværre for stor en diplomat.
Image Renton Millar besøger København næsten hver år og repper Australien hårdt. Han var flink nok til at svare på et par spørgsmål. 

Interview: Kim Møller
Fotos: (de fede); (de wack)

KM: You've been to
Denmark quite a few times, which ramp have you enjoyed the most when visiting? 

RM: I like all the ramps in
Denmark. They are all very different. The indoor is good for some things cause of the big vert, and Roskilde is rad cause of the big tranny. I also like the atmosphere at Fælledparken. I dont think I have a favorite one cause they are all good for their own reason. 

KM: In all of your travels have you ever been a to place with as many vert ramps per capita as

RM: I think Copenhagens got a rad vert scene. Its a bit like
Melbourne, where I live. I think for sure it has a lot of vert ramps. I think that is good for skating there, because you have a skater like Rune and he can tear those ramps to pieces. In Melbourne we have one rad vert ramp, but we also have tonnes of street and tonnes of tranny parks. I think it is important to have a wide variety of things to skate. Things are really healthy with skating where I live because everyone has something to skate. We have big pools that all the older guys skate, and tonnes of plazas for the younger guys. I think it’s all equally important. I hope Denmark eventually goes through a "skatepark revolution" like Australia. Denmark has some of the coolest skaters I know and I would love to see some insane parks built there! 

KM: What has been your worst experience with the danes? 

RM: My worst experience with Danes is hard to say ‘cause Danes are rulers and Denmark is a ruling place. Maybe it would be every time I exchange my money there, it’s bloody expensive. I still love the place though! 

KM: How many months a year are you in Australia? 

RM: I spend a lot of time in Oz. Don’t know exactly how much, probably 6 or 8 months. I love Australia, it’s a chill country with lots to skate. 

Madonna til Cph-Pro '07

KM: Australian street skaters all seem to be very well versed in riding transition. Is there a special heckling tecnique you could recommend to get some streeties up on the vert?

RM: Yeah, I love seeing guys skate vert that don’t normally. Skating is something that is so fun you should try it all. I try not to heckle street skaters too much. I just offer to lend them pads. I skate a lot of street too. It’s important to skate everything. 

KM: Did anyone ever find out what happened to Ben Pappas? 

RM: Bens incident was terrible. It will eventually come out publicly in the coroners report. All I can say is stay away from drugs, and try and live a life that avoids all the shit things that go with it. 

360 flip i noget helvede

KM: Where in Australia would you recommend tourist skaters visit? 

RM: Its all pretty rad, but I recommend skating Melbourne. I think it’s the best place to skate in the world. We have a bit of everything to skate here, and cool people. Its rad too, because we get Summer in the Euro winter time so you can escape the harsh Danish winter and enjoy some summer. Danes are welcome in Melbourne! 

KM: Do you go to any of the bowls contests? Have you skated that Combi Bowl thing? 

RM: I go to the bowl contests when I can. Last year though it seemed every time I skated concrete I ended up in hospital. In a few weeks I am going to Wellington in New Zealand for their bowl comp there, then the week after there is the Bondi bowl contest. I am really looking forward to it. 

KM: What did you think of Rune winning that shit three times in a row? 

RM: As far as I am concerned Rune is the king. I love the way he skates and he has a rad attitude to skating.